Apr 20, 2009

What are the medicinal value of roses

Roses, the symbol used to love, Valentine’s Day, but roses are free to express their love for Valentine’s. In fact, Rose is still a very high value and very good cosmetic effects of a drug.

Beauty Jiapin

Department of Rosaceae Rose Plant deciduous shrubs, flowers purple, fragrant smell.
Because Rose has a cold temperature properties, and the flower fragrance, soft, moisturizing, as early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, the court on the popular and elegant of all ages. Yang has been able to maintain the soft skin of the biggest secrets of luster, it is said on the Hua Qing Hot Spring Bath in her, the long-term immersion of fresh rosebud. Rose petals can also be bathed in beauty care, skin care is a natural beauty Jiapin.

Chinese herbal medicine, there are around alias flowers, flower Rosa. Their sexual Gan bitter, warm, non-toxic. Second, as to the liver and spleen.

Efficacy: Jieyu qi and blood. Attending hepatogastric gas pain, paralysis Xinjiu wind, hematemesis hemoptysis, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge White, dysentery, milk carbuncle, swelling drug. “Food Materia Medica,” which claims “the main benefit , benefits liver and gallbladder, sweet aroma of fresh, cool God is.” Huoxue both the bulk goods stagnation, while Jiedu swelling, which can eliminate endocrine disorders caused by facial acne. This product is long-term use, very good cosmetic results can be an effective way to remove free radicals and the elimination of pigmentation, it is called youthful hair.

Rose and civil useful ao brown sugar recipe, after taking the blood can raise gas play, the role of nourishing face.

Its practice is to add 100 grams of water rose to about 500 grams, boiled 20 minutes later, least squares spent slag, and then Ao Juiceby adding 500-1000 grams of brown sugar, you can paste Ao.

Such as taking a long time and can be put into the refrigerator, take 1-2 teaspoons a day. Long-term use, better results.

Rose Bud’s pick of each year during the May-June, when the Rose is about to open, they can win it in batches of fresh buds, by strict disinfection, sterilization, air-dried, it retains almost entirely the color of roses, smell and taste.

Would be processed 3-5 grams of bud, brew with boiling water for 5 minutes, can be sugar or honey, or mixing any of your favorite brew with tea, aromatic and pleasant, reasonable gas and blood, Shugan Jieyu , lipid-lowering diet, such as the role of beauty emollients. In particular, women’s pain, irregular menstruation have magical effect.

Strong adaptability Rose, Rose flower extract in addition to oil, the stem, buds, roots can be medicine, vitamin-rich fruits can be used for natural beverages and foods. Processing by using the scientific method of roses, with bright colors, such as Shannon characteristics, can be made of rose wine, Ruth Rose, Rose sauce with extinction Qingre fire, the effectiveness of beauty peculiar beauty is indeed a gift of hospitality Jiapin

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